Catalunha – uma sugestão radical

«Following the vote on October 1, King Felipe VI made a rare appearance on national TV. He called on the Catalan government to return to constitutional legality and made no apologies for the terror campaign launched by the national police. Neither did he address his Catalan subjects in their own language.

At that point Felipe stopped being the king of all Spaniards. As relations between Madrid and Barcelona continue to deteriorate, he would do well to consider making the ultimate sacrifice to save his country from itself.

Keeping Catalonia in Spain by taking Spain out of Catalonia is therefore directly tied to making Felipe a regular citizen of the country like everybody else. His abdication would lead to the proclamation of the Third Spanish Republic, to new governments in Madrid and Barcelona, and to a constitutional assembly that could result in the creation of a multi-national federal state where Andalusians, Basques, Canarians, Castilians, Catalans and others could reconcile with their past as they look to reclaim and refashion the old notion of the many Spains, or Las Españas.»