Já chegou longe a criatividade nas facturas

(Imagem recolhida ontem no Facebook)  

El País: Nuevo tipo de protesta en Portugal: pedir facturas a nombre del primer ministro

Financial Times: Lisbon anti-austerity groups get creative (só para assinantes) Alguns excertos:

«Anti-austerity campaigners in Portugal are giving the prime minister’s personal tax number when paying for goods and services, in protest at a new anti-tax evasion law threatening fines of €2,000 for withholding tax details at point of sale.

The campaign is the latest in a series of imaginative protests in Portugal, Spain and other struggling eurozone countries that has led to the Portuguese prime minister being silenced in parliament by a song, and the similar disruption of public appearances by two ministers this week. (...)

The government said in a statement that protests of this nature would be “repudiated by all those who valued individual freedoms and the right to free expression”.»

(Segue-se o vídeo de «Grândola» cantada na AR.)