Coletes Amarelos – um excelente texto

«In France, as in all western countries, we have gone in a few decades from a system that economically, politically and culturally integrates the majority into an unequal society that, by creating ever more wealth, benefits only the already wealthy.

The change is not down to a conspiracy, a wish to cast aside the poor, but to a model where employment is increasingly polarised. This comes with a new social geography: employment and wealth have become more and more concentrated in the big cities. (…)

It is in this France périphérique that the gilets jaunes movement was born. It is also in these peripheral regions that the western populist wave has its source. Peripheral America brought Trump to the White House. Peripheral Italy – mezzogiorno, rural areas and small northern industrial towns – is the source of its populist wave. (…)

The impact of the gilets jaunes, and their support in public opinion (eight out of 10 French people approve of their actions), has amazed politicians, trade unions and academics, as if they have discovered a new tribe in the Amazon. (…) This cultural revolution is a democratic and societal imperative – no system can remain if it does not integrate the majority of its poorest citizens.»


estevesayres disse...

Isto só vem provar que nunca se deve desistir de lutar por boas causas… mesmo que a maioria da comunicação social se coloque ao lado dos opressores...