«A verdade está em marcha e nada a deterá»

Vale muito a pena ler, na íntegra, este texto de James K. Galbraith:  


«What the Greeks have done, and this is what has attracted me to become as engaged as I could be in this situation, what they’ve done in the past few months, is astounding. They have dismantled – I think definitively – and banished an entire previous political class. (...)

There is a spirit of dignity in Athens that is worth a great deal more than money. That’s something very profound to observe. I’ve only observed it on maybe two or three occasions in a lifetime. And that is a spirit which is contagious and it may be felt in Spain, and it may be felt in Portugal and it may be felt in Ireland, and elsewhere before long.

So I hope that you will not find me too portentous if I convey to you just how much this particular moment, and the chance to participate in it, has meant to me by closing with the words of Zola: la vérité est en marche et rien ne l’arrêtera. Merci.»