Mohammad Mokhtari

Todos os dias, todas as noites, há um sem número de histórias como esta, escolhida praticamente ao acaso.

22-year-old student Mohammad Mokhtari died in hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound during Monday’s (2/14/2011) pro-opposition demonstrations.

Mohammad was wounded on Monday after he was shot in the shoulder by Iranian security forces as he was in Rudaki Street in central Tehran. After he was shot, he briefly fell to the ground but got up and continued marching for a while as blood soaked his shirt, witnesses said. He said he was fine, according to friend, but died in the hospital the next day.

It seems that his death was due to lack of timely medical attention, because as a result of the gunshot to his shoulder, he lost a lot of blood and eye witnesses described all his clothes as being soaked in blood.

Mohammad came from a large middle class family, and loved sports. He hiked on weekends and played soccer and basketball, friends say. He had a good sense of humor and relished the Iranian political satire show Parazit, aired on Voice of America and modeled after the Comedy Central's "Daily Show With Jon Stewart," according to his Facebook postings.

As if by prophecy, on Feb. 11, three days before his death, Mohammad wrote on his Facebook wall, "I prefer to die while standing up (struggling) instead of sitting (doing nothing) in humiliation."

(Via Facebook)