Uncut – Londres 26 de Março

Houve duas manifestações, ontem em Londres, uma com 500.000 pessoas (ou 400 ou 300 mil, tanto faz para o caso), outra com umas (poucas) centenas que provocaram desacatos.

Os telejornais portugueses, que eu vi, quase só mostraram relatos e imagens da segunda. Algum espanto?

«There were two demonstrations in London yesterday. The first, and most enduringly important, was that by half a million people against the cuts that are falling disproportionately on vital public services and those who provide them.

The other one was a demonstration of just how easy it is for a few hundred people to steal the occasion with sporadic acts of violence. Last night, it the latter one which was taking the headlines as police and protesters clashed in Trafalgar Square.

Earlier half a million people descended on central London for the biggest protest the nation has seen since demonstrations against the Iraq war eight years ago. They streamed into the capital from across the country to vent their anger at government cuts, their only weapons peaceful chanting and waving placards. There were 500,000 people and, with their disperate causes, represented 500,000 different reasons to take a stand.»