Here we go

Do tal texto de The Economist, hoje largamente referido:

«The president’s aim was to give investors and Portugal’s lender – the “troika” of the EU, IMF and European Central Bank – some guarantee that the mainstream parties, supported by about 80% of voters, remained committed to the country’s bail-out programme and that future governments will stick to fiscal discipline. Yet the danger is that, after prolonging Lisbon’s political crisis for a few more weeks, it could produce nothing at all, leaving the country as it was: ruled by an unstable coalition and facing the threat of a snap election with unpredictable results.

Portugal’s borrowing costs have surged, and the latest central-bank forecasts suggest that the economy will barely recover in 2014 after three years of deep recession. (...) This forecast is hardly likely to strengthen confidence in Portugal, Greece or across the wider euro zone that austerity is working. Nor will it support the fond hopes in Brussels that Portugal was safely pulling away from Greece and would follow Ireland by getting out of its bail-out programme. Just now, neither country looks anywhere near ready for graduation.»

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