Dica (686)

«When it comes to the would-be AI jobocalypse the Kool-Aid flows mightily. For those that drinketh of it, it is certain that in the not-too-distant future artificial intelligence and-or robots will steal the vast majority of jobs currently occupied by human beings. In the United States, where the social safety net is all but nonexistent, the outcome of such a technological leap forward would be societal collapse, barring dramatic progressive economic restructuring.

On the other hand, this might not be at all true. Maybe in real life there are a great many jobs that we just don’t want machines to do—such as those in healthcare, the fastest-growing job sector by a wide margin—or even that machines fundamentallycan’t do. This second category is the focus of a policy paper published this week inScience by researchers Erik Brynjolfsson and Tom Mitchell of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. Generally, they find that while, no, it’s not really the “end of work,” things are nonetheless about to get weird.»